This Volkswagen missed the boat.

The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished and must be replaced. Chances are you wouldn’t have noticed it; Inspector Kurt Kroner did.

There are 3,389 men at our Wolfsburg factory with only one job: to inspect Volkswagens at each stage of production. (3000 Volkswagens are produced daily; there are more inspectors than cars.)

Every shock absorber is tested (spot checking won’t do), every windshield is scanned. VWs have been rejected for surface scratches barely visible to the eye.

Final inspection is really something! VW inspectors run each car off the line onto the Funktionsprüfstand (car test stand), tote up 189 check points, gun ahead to the automatic brake stand, and say “no” to one VW out of fifty.

This preoccupation with detail means the VW lasts longer and requires less maintenance, by and large than other cars. (It also means a used VW depreciates less than any other car.)

We pluck the lemons; you get the plums.

170,000 times every year.

That’s how often criminals attempt to steal domains. If your business is built on your domain, you need protection. Full Privacy & Protection doesn’t just hide your personal data, it makes sure that you won’t lose your domain – not by hijacking, not even if your credit card expires. 2

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We highly recommend Full Domain Privacy & Protection, but it is an optional feature

Classic Porsche Ad
Honestly now did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a nissan or mitsubishi?

Really creative ad during the COVID-19 Created by TBWA\Helsinki

eComblueprint is a course on how to get more sales from ecom stores, specifically shopify.   This does a really good job of showcasing result and testimonials.

Almost 40% of the sales page is covered with "past customers" results, money shots and testimonials.   This is good example of future pacing.

Ideation is a course from The Hustle,  which is a newsletter service company that sends quick "catch up" emails everyday.      This is not particularly a GOOD example of sales copy but they do a good job on the VSL .

The colors & simplicy of the sales page are to applaud for.

WebinarCon is a "mastermind" style conference by Anik Singhal.    

This is a copy for a simple wordpress plugin that helps bloggers fight against AdBlockers.   Notable part of this copy is the section in yellow, which uses Loss Aversion perfectly with some "math"

BudaJuice is a local jucice shop. This email is a perfect example that you need to segment your list.

On top of that, second lesson we can learn from this is that whenever it's possible to make a point via IMAGE. Use Image.

In second paragraph, It rambles on about where else they are located? Instead, just show a small map of where they are near the old place that closed down.

What seems to be working here is displaying the "CEO"'s photo & his credentials.
If a CEO of X company who has made X amount asked me for my email to send resources that would help me reach his level.  Why wouldn't i?

This is an example of long form sales page for selling consulting course.  It uses classic examples format for convincing visitors to purchase an high ticket course.

Clever trial page for Netflix that shows the length of trial and also the reminder they will get if they need to cancel the subscription.

1.  Length of  "Free 30 Days" green bar is longer than the bar that's between 2/18 to 3/18.

2.  Added an 📧 Email icon to show that they will be reminded

Sumo, An email capture platform sends you this email after 2 weeks of becoming their "PAYING" customer to to make sure that the customer continues to pay them next month by offering help to capture email.

If they did not send this email & the new member had very few subscriber or none then they are most likely to cancel.   This email also shows the customer that Sumo cares about them,  so even if you had "0" subscriber, you will probably not cancel.

This is a good strategy to lower churn rate for new customers.